About Us

About Us
This venture began out of the my own frustration of searching for fashionable, contemporary, sometimes trendy clothing for my petite 5’2 1/2” (Yes, I claim the 1/2”) but curvy frame. My early years consisted of ventures to the mall and into so called “straight size” stores which always resulted in finding the largest size they carried and still not being satisfied with my final look.  In those days the plus size industry consisted of only a few retailers and EVERYTHING was floral and moo-mooish. Thank God the plus size industry began to see there were plenty of women beyond a size six who like the way they look and want clothing that fits and represents them well.
As the industry began to grow, I found unique, cute and often one of a kind pieces that others would compliment me on, ask where I found them, etc. I began picking out clothing for others, organizing closets, posting my pics as well as others I admired on social media and The Curvy Girl in the Middle was born.
I hope you will join me on the adventure and see where this takes all of us.
-C. Johnson
Founder and Owner of The curvy Girl in the Middle